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Dec 22, 2021.
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The RASC Handbook, published for over 100 years, is an approximately 350-page guide published annually by The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada. With more than 40 contributors annually, the RASC Handbook is appropriate for professional and amateur astronomers, students, Scouts, and others, and is considered a must-have reference of North American sky data for the active astronomer.

There are two primary kinds of data in the Handbook: information on astronomical events that occur during the current year, and astronomical data and other information that does not vary from year to year. 

Yearly data includes such topics as: rise/set times for Sun and Moon; eclipses; location of the planets and bright asteroids; periodic comets; times of meteor showers; star occultations by the Moon/asteroids; orbital positions of the brighter satellites for Jupiter and Saturn; and cycle information of many variable stars.

Recurring data includes such topics as: orbital/physical data on the planets and their satellites; astronomical and physical constants; some optical properties of telescopes/binoculars; information on filters for astronomical observing; light pollution and sky transparency; descriptions of the various systems of specifying time; information on the Sun including sunspots and aurorae; a list of meteorite craters in the US and Canada; advice on using the RASC Handbook for teaching astronomy; information on the Gegenschein and zodiacal light; 40 pages of tables dealing with stars, star clusters, nebulae and galaxies; and maps of the Moon and the entire stellar sky. 

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