2017 Eclipse Commemorative USA Lapel Pin



We have sold out .... BUT, we are considering ordering one more batch, due to demand.

If you are interested in ordering any of these lapel pins, send an email to leaguesales@astroleague.org with your name, contact info, and how many pins you are interested in.

We might take pre-orders on this item again.

Product would ship AFTER the eclipse, on approximately 8/28/17.
If we accept payments for pre-orders, those orders are assured of being filled, with the understanding that they won't ship until 8/28/17.

2017 Commemorative USA Lapel Pin

High quality 1" enamel pin with total solar eclipse photo.  Brass metal with dark red enamel and military clutch back.

Great keepsake/commemorative item for anyone who sees the 2017 Eclipse.

Limited quantities.

Exact design may vary slightly.

For quantity purchases of more than 10 units, please see

 Sold Out 
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