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12/31/2019 Product update:
We have sold out of all RASC Observer's Calendars for the 2020 season.
Please check back in August for the 2021 products!
We had a successful program for 2020 and will work to further improve the RASC program.  Customers placed orders later this year and so it was harder to anticpate needs, and then we ran out in mid-December. Please order early! Given the favorable results and response from our customers, we will try to have more units in stock early and will work hard to ensure earlier deliveries in the fall of 2020 for the 2021 products.  We thank everyone who ordered RASC Handbooks and Calendars from us this year.  Please order early in the fall to ensure availability.

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This calendar is designed with the observer in mind and contains comprehensive astronomical data such as:
 daily Moon rise and set times, significant lunar and planetary conjunctions, eclipses, and meteor showers.

·  Color wall calendar that opens to 19" x 12". 
·  Features photos taken by amateur astronomers. 
·  Photographic-quality, high-resolution printing on top-quality paper. 
·  Photos are accompanied by highly descriptive and informative captions. Includes historical anniversaries, birth dates, and literary quotations of astronomical relevance. 
·  Monthly grids include a host of astronomical information such as planetary conjunctions, eclipses, major meteor showers, daily Moon phases, and Moon/Sun rise/set times. 
·  Daily lunar graphics showing libration. 
·  Rise/set times and other astronomical predictions are applicable to all of North America. 
·  U.S. and Canadian holidays are included.
Regular retail for this calendar with shipping is $30.05, but the Astronomical League buys a bulk order and passes the savings on to you.

Quantities are very limited.

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