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The ALPO website is (this link takes you to the ALPO website).

The Association of Lunar and Planetary Observers (ALPO) was founded by Walter H. Haas in 1947, and incorporated in 1990, as a medium for advancing and conducting astronomical work by both professional and amateur astronomers who share an interest in Solar System observations. They welcome and provide services for all individuals interested in lunar and planetary astronomy. For the novice observer, the ALPO is a place to learn and to enhance observational techniques. For the advanced amateur astronomer, it is a place where one's work will count. For the professional astronomer, it is a resource where group studies or systematic observing patrols add to the advancement of astronomy.

The ALPO  is an international group of students that study the Sun, Moon, planets, asteroids, meteors, and comets. Their goals are to stimulate, coordinate, and generally promote the study of these bodies using methods and instruments that are available within the communities of both amateur and professional astronomers. They hold a conference each summer, usually in conjunction with other astronomical groups.

They have "sections" for the observation of all the types of bodies found in the Solar System. Section Coordinators collect and study submitted observations, correspond with observers, encourage beginners, and contribute reports to their Journal at appropriate intervals. Each Coordinator can supply observing forms and other instructional material to assist in your telescopic work. You are encouraged to correspond with the Coordinators in whose projects you are interested. Coordinators can be contacted through the ALPO web site via email or at their postal mail addresses listed in back of their Journal.  Their activities are on a volunteer basis, and each member can do as much or as little as he or she wishes. Of course, the ALPO gains in stature and in importance in proportion to how much and also how well each member contributes through his or her participation.

Their work is coordinated by means of their periodical, The Journal ALPO ("The Strolling Astronomer"). Membership dues include a subscription to the Journal. The ALPO offers a printed version of the Journal that is mailed out quarterly. An identical digital (Acrobat Reader) version is available over the internet at reduced cost. Subscription rates and terms are listed below.

In addition to the basic membership options, there are levels of membership with increased benefits that lend additional support to ALPO.  More information on the membership types, benefits, and fund raising needs of ALPO is available at  (this link takes you to the ALPO website).

We heartily invite you to join the ALPO.

ALPO Standard Memberships and Dues  (this link takes you to the ALPO website).

Regular Memberships
$US 22.00 (Digital Journal; All countries; 4 issues, email address required)
$US 40.00 (Digital Journal; All countries; 8 issues, email address required)
$US 55.00 (Paper Journal; USA, Canada and Mexico; 4 issues)
$US 62.00 (Paper Journal; Other countries; 4 issues)
$US 104.00 (Paper Journal; USA, Canada and Mexico; 8 issues)
$US 118.00 (Paper Journal; Other countries; 8 issues)

Sustaining Membership
$US 85.00 (Digital and Paper Journal; All countries; 4 issues)

$US 175.00 (Digital and Paper Journal; All countries; 4 issues)

We are also very grateful for the support of those who choose to become Sustaining Members ($85.00 for four issues) or Sponsors ($175.00 for four issues). Sustaining Members and Sponsors are entitled to receive both paper and digital versions of the Journal ALPO. All members are welcome to participate in the ALPO Lunar and Planetary Training Program  (this link takes you to the ALPO website), a free service to paid members.

ALPO Expanded Memberships and Dues  (this link takes you to the ALPO website).

The ALPO Expanded Memberships were created in an effort to both support the Journal ALPO and raise funds for the ALPO Endowment. The purpose of the ALPO Endowment is to collect and grow money for the financing of a future headquarters of the ALPO. We invite interested members and non members to click on our PowerPoint presentation, The ALPO's Legacy or our brochure for further details concerning our future goal. Below are the classes of expanded memberships and the benefits of each class of membership. If you would just like to make a simple donation to the ALPO Endowment without the purchase of an ALPO membership, there is an opportunity to do that too. Of course, we greatly value our members who can only afford Regular, Sustaining, or Sponsor memberships.

ALPO Expanded Membership Classes

Patron $US 250.00 – (Includes four issues of the Journal ALPO, both the hard copy and digital versions, a free lapel pin, and free printed back issues of the Journal upon request that are still in print)

Benefactor $US 500.00 - (Includes all benefits associated with the Patron membership level, plus one free, professionally published book from an ALPO staff member, valued under $45 in print, your choice of print or kindle edition. Read below, Books by ALPO Authors.)

Provider $US 1000.00 - (Includes all the benefits associated with the Benefactor membership level and one annual conference registration. Covers reimbursement for registration only, with a $100 cap. Does not include conference purchases, field trips, meals, accommodations, or travel expenses to the annual conference.)

Funder $US 2500.00 - (Includes all the benefits associated with the Provider membership level.)

Universal $US 10,000.00 - (This membership level is a lifetime membership that is achieved through a one time gift or through accumulative giving at the lower levels that when equaling $10,000 over time, the member would be given a lifetime membership. Includes all the benefits associated with the Provider and Benefactor membership levels plus one book a year for life and free annual conference registrations.)

Donation (only) for any amount (Does not include any of the benefits of an expanded membership.)




Books by ALPO Authors

Memberships at the Benefactor level and beyond ($500 or more) are entitled to a free book by an ALPO author.

Click here for a choice of books by ALPO Authors  (this link takes you to an ALPO document).

ALPO Membership Secretary

PO Box 13456
Springfield, IL 62791-3456USA


After your purchase of an ALPO Benefactor, Provider, Funder, or Universal Membership please inform the ALPO Secretary of your choice and a book will be shipped out to you right away. You can contact the ALPO Secretary by email at or postal mail to the address above.



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