Bino Bandit


Bino Bandit

A Bino Bandit is a very convenient and useful tool for blocking out extraneous light and glare from the oculars of your binoculars.  It is made of neoprene rubber fabric, fits over most binocular oculars, and conforms very comfortably to your face, even if you are wearing glasses (accommodates small to medium size glasses frames). 

Improves contrast at the eyepieces.  Works well for both daytime use and nighttime use.
Folds down in place for easy and convenient storage -- keep them right on your binoculars even when not in use.
Works very well - you will wonder how you ever got along without using a Bino Bandit!

AL logo on a star map design on the outside.
Black interior for maximum darkness at the eyepieces.
Compact and weighs less than 1 ounce!
By adjusting the placement of the Bino Bandit on the oculars (further on or further out), you can achieve a very comfortable and effective fit for various factors (occular size and placement, shape of face, glasses).



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