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AL Visual Astronomical Observing Journal (Logbook)


The Astronomer's Journal is an 8.5x11 inch soft cover, spiral-bound, observer's log and sketch book. It includes 102 pages (51 double sided sheets) of logging pages which contains defined fields of entry (time, date, seeing, location, equipment, etc), two sketching circles, and room for the observer's own notes and additional information on the object.  There are a few pages of a blank Table of Observations to be filled in listing the contents of the observer's recorded objects serving as a reference of the observational contents (a Table of Contents once completed), as well as a Catalog Information page to provide a brief description of the entire journal to keep it organized with your addtional observing journals in your acquired set.   It also contains an Introduction, a guide to astronomical observation journaling, tips for better observing, a brief summary of useful calculations related to journaling your observations, and a greek letter reference table.

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